How To Choose Patterns For Your Room?

Large and busy designs tend to draw in walls and make big rooms seem cosy, but they will overwhelm a small space. Similarly, tiny or subdued patterns will make the most of small rooms, but get lost in a large one.Visit the Woodworking Plans Website pages for more woodworking articles.

Pattern can also create optical illusions and because of its ability to trick the eye, it can be a useful decorating tool if the features of a room aren’t pleasing.

Regular patterns will highlight walls that are out-of-true and uneven walls can make pattern matching very difficult, so choose a wallcovering design with care.

Florals don’t allow the eye to fix on any one point, so they are wonderful for irregular walls and for softening awkward angles or disguising an unattractive feature.

Dainty floral sprigs are perfect for small rooms, narrow hallways and cloakrooms, whereas big florals are best shown off in large or high-ceilinged rooms, and in bedrooms with co-ordinating fabrics.

Stripes suit almost any style or size or room. Classic stripes in contrasting colours are a good choice for smart daytime rooms and hallways, whereas stylised stripes are more informal and very versatile. Stripes are also useful for altering the proportions of a room. Horizontal stripes seem to push out walls in a small room, and will make a low ceiling appear higher when used vertically. Continue reading


Small Apartment Decorating

Part 1 : First Step

When we have a small apartment there are a lot of things that we have to think trough earlier. Decorating that type of place is not as easy as a big apartment or a house where we can put everything in there and don’t even see changes. We have to be suer before each buy that it is the exact thing that we need and…that we have place to put it anywhere.

Each apartment has it’s own storage space and elements that can be put there without hurting family living space. That’s why it is better to measure everything at first place than just grab whatever comes into our mind in the shop. Usually the only thing to do in such situation is that we try to hide it in free space that has left. Probably we wouldn’t like what we saw.

And home decorating is not only having all colors matched – it is also making the interior look more “soft”, not as a regular rectangular or square, make it comfortable, give impression of bigger space than it really is. It’s making the space we living in the space we would like to live in. That’s why it is important to make it wise and ask questions people who know something in this matter. Especially when the space is not as big as we wish it would be.

In small apartments we should think about maximizing the living space. Of course we should also remember about what function the room will have during the day and the night. In example if our living room is also our bedroom we can’t decide on removing all of the furniture just to have the bed at our disposal. It would be easier to place furniture when we would have each furniture separated. Continue reading

Wall Mirrors- Make That Limited Space Appear Larger

Adding that special design element with a wall mirror or wall mirrors can be a great way to elevate your indoor spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. Wall mirrors serve as both decorative and functional aspects of home décor. Whether you’re working with a small sized room or a grand, palatial room, a mirror can do wonders to liven up your décor.

Wall mirrors are also a great way to brighten up any space since they reflect light. This is great for small spaces because a mirror will actually brighten the space and make it appear larger. That is why decorating with wall mirrors is ideal in places such as the entryway and bathroom where space is limited.

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Color Therapy For Your House – How to Select the Perfect Color Scheme

by Chris Turley

Color is very important in anything that we create. It brings pictures and paintings to life. It also affects the mood of the people in many ways. Fast food chains use the shades red to entice their customer to eat. According to experts, red increases the appetite of a person.

In addition, other colors also influence the behavior of people towards work. This is why many organizations changed the design of the workplace.

Most interior designers also advise their client to befriend colors. Many are not comfortable with using it in their house because they fear that it will look odd. Although an interior designer would be a great help, not everyone are willing to incur the additional cost. Continue reading

Introduction To Balinese Traditional Architecture

Traditional architecture in Bali originates from two sources. One is the great Hindu tradition brought to Bali from India via Java. The second is an indigenous architecture pre-dating the Hindu epic and in many ways reminiscent of Polynesian building. Even the Balinese temple, it has been noted, is surrounded by a stone wall dividing its sacred precincts from the village very much like Hawaiian and Tahitian places of worship.

Balinese temples are divided into three parts, one inevitably passes through a split gate or Candi Bentar to enter the first courtyard. Then a second gate rising high with the grinning face of a guardian demon leads to the second division. Inside there are numerous pavilions used for various purposes. In the final courtyard one may find the meru pagoda which may have as many as eleven roofs if the owner or temple is important enough. The black thatch is from the sugar palm and can only be used in temples. There will also stand numerous sanggah or spirit houses and pedestals which will be full of offerings on ritual days. Everywhere carving in brick, volcanic stone and wood will be apparent. All are ringed by walls. The Balinese have always spent a great deal of energy and money on their temples for it is the duty to repay the ancestors for the prosperity. Continue reading

Want To Save This Planet? Equip Your House With Green Cleaning Products!

Celebrate the World














By Markus Skupeika

Nowadays, we all have been suffering from all kinds of pollution and still, all that we do is complain. Of course there are some concerned citizens forming certain organizations intended for preventing any kinds of pollution. But then again, it is everybody’s responsibility to maintain this planet’s safety and cleanliness.

One of the main causes of any pollution like in the water and air is caused by the chemicals that most households are utilizing especially for their home cleaning. We cant totally blame those who manufacture such cleaning products containing harsh chemicals which can not only bring about risks to the environment but also to the health of the users since it is hardly possible to produce such products without the aid of chemicals. With the use of chemically-enhanced cleaning products, you may have cleaned your house thoroughly but the toxins such products contain can affect water supply and the air you breathe through the drainage, sinks, toilets and the like where you let them flow or where you poured them down into as well as when you sprayed them into the air. These can directly and indirectly harm your family’s health as well as the welfare of your environment. If all or most of the people in your neighbourhood are using such products, then all of you are culprits to the damage that can cause the death of this planet. Continue reading

Cheap decorating tips: The easy way!

By Michelle Pennington

Scared of the budget which is going to burn your pocket while decorating your beautiful house?  Don’t worry. There are some easy, cheap decorating tips and guidelines which will not bite your pocket.

Everyone loves to have a house which looks attractive.  Some of them would want to redecorate their house entirely to make it look new or you have moved in to a new house which requires decoration.  

The first and foremost thought that has to be born in mind is the appearance or the style you want your house to have.  There are different sources to look out for idea regarding decorating. There are different magazines available in the market with information, on how to decorate your house with cheap decorating tips.  Another good source of information is of course the internet. There are bountiful numbers of websites which can help you with the ideas.  We can decide with the budget once you chart out what is required for the interior, the color, the design or the quality.

Before shopping for the necessities like furniture, paint, lamps, curtains, picture frames, candle holders or any type of artwork, it is always better to note down how many pieces are required and the places they have to be placed. Making these prior decisions really curtails your expenses.  To purchase the best products within the budget, you can always get some reviews online, which are very helpful.  We also get good quality long-lasting paints at a low cost. Painting your wall is the easiest and cost effective decorating technique. 
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