Toy Storage Bins & Other Tips For Organising Children’s Rooms


Toy storage bins, wire racks, purpose-built closets, shelving systems – the options are endless when it comes to installing a storage system in your child’s bedroom. But how do you decide which option is best for your family?

We live in an age of accumulation and children seem to be the most diligent pack-rats of them all. Not surprisingly, as children’s lives these days revolve around a series of gift-giving occasions. If it’s not Christmas or a birthday, it’s party time or allowance day. Suffice it to say; there is a LOT of kid’s stuff around ALL THE TIME. It is, however, important for parents to remember that most, if not all, children aren’t born tidy and that a sense of order is something they have to be taught. Continue reading


20 Quick Updates For Your Rooms

1. 20 Ways To Quickly Update Your Rooms

Just one change can make a whole heap of difference. Discover our favourite turnaround strategies for your rooms.


2. Choose A Theme

Giving a room a theme or defined style will make it look instantly smarter – and you don’t need to decorate to do it. Here, a few cushions, and a piece of wall art help evoke a touch of New England chic. However, approach this with caution – any room that’s over- or inappropriately themed (think Mexican hacienda in Essex) just won’t work. Keep it subtle and understated for success. Original Country Oak laminate flooring,Pergo.


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How To Choose The Perfect Theme For Your Room

Safari themed kids room

Safari themed kids room

These days, more and more people wish to convert their room into a paradise that is filled with stuff they love the most. No matter what you like, you can always convert it into a theme for your room and surround yourself with things that lift your spirits. Modern accessories and the range of decorating freedom available today ensures that you can choose any theme that you want. But with so many options available, which way do you exactly go? This is not just about being impulsive as it involves a lot more thought that you would imagine. Continue reading

Room Theme – An Important part of Home decoration

Thinker Belle themed room

Thinker Bell themed room

A theme is a consistent idea used throughout a room to create a feeling of completeness. Themes are not to be confused with design concepts, or the higher-level party, which involve a deeper understanding of the architectural context, the socio-cultural and the programmatic requirements of the end users. These themes often follow period styles. Examples of this are Louis XV, Victorian, Islamic, Feng Shui, Modern International, Minimalist, Georgian, Gothic, Indian Mughal or Art Deco. Continue reading

Faux Painting Techniques Tips For Your Home

Faux Painting Hot Interior Colors

Faux painting, a decorative hand-created painting technique, has become very popular in interior designs. It captures warmth of textiles, depth, texture and blends of light and color to create one of a kind wall treatments for your home or office. There are numerous techniques, but we will look at five trendy styles. Continue reading

Interior Villas in Bali


A villa is basically a house where a family can spend their time together. In Bali however, a villa is a breath of nature for the family, for first time honeymooners, or individuals who want to re-encounter the self being. Most Villas in Bali take personal privacy into account, and this is at harmony with nature. The detailed concept of their respective architectures can be various, but privacy and luxury play an important role in the basic concept of many villas. Luxurious, sometimes superbly luxurious, the architecture of many villas in Bali is breathing in the rhythm of space that plays on the silence of the surrounds and fits effortlessly and discreetly into the small community. Continue reading

Feng Shui Tips: How To Feng Shui Your Home For Better Living


In Chinese feng shui translates to wind and water. As a form of knowledge and mystical instruction it dates back several thousand years to ancient China. Thousands of years ago, the rulers of China needed to consider carefully the geography and layout of the country, since constructing any buildings, bridges or infrastructure depending on the land. Continue reading