Toy Storage Bins & Other Tips For Organising Children’s Rooms


Toy storage bins, wire racks, purpose-built closets, shelving systems – the options are endless when it comes to installing a storage system in your child’s bedroom. But how do you decide which option is best for your family?

We live in an age of accumulation and children seem to be the most diligent pack-rats of them all. Not surprisingly, as children’s lives these days revolve around a series of gift-giving occasions. If it’s not Christmas or a birthday, it’s party time or allowance day. Suffice it to say; there is a LOT of kid’s stuff around ALL THE TIME. It is, however, important for parents to remember that most, if not all, children aren’t born tidy and that a sense of order is something they have to be taught.
User-friendly storage systems are not only a good way to keep parents sane, it also has the additional bonus of encouraging positive habits in your child. By installing a system your child can use by themselves, you empower them to keep their own environment nice and tidy. Actively engaging your children during clean-up time will give you the opportunity to lead by example and demonstrate how and where things are to be stowed once they’ve been used.
When organising your child’s room, the first thing you need to determine is what the space is primarily being used for. Does your child use his/her room for sleeping, playing or both? Once you’ve established this you can determine which belongings stay and which don’t make the grade. For instance, if your child mainly plays in the family room it would be fruitless to keep toy storage bins in their room – the toys will end up lying about anyway. While you are going through this process of elimination, it’s also a good idea to start a ‘charity’ pile. This pile will consist of anything your kid has outgrown and can be given to the less fortunate.
Now that you’ve organised things, it’s time to start thinking about a storage system. The most important thing to remember, at the risk of stating the obvious, is that kids are small – they can’t reach all the things you can. Whatever storage solution you decide upon, you should take this into account. When clothes and toys can be reached easily, chances are they will also be put back.
Meet low shelves, cubby holes, toy storage bins, baskets, trays and low hooks – they will be your allies in your quest for order. Remember that the storage system should match your child, not the other way around. For instance, if bins get too heavy for skinny arms to move around, consider fitting them with wheels to make them more mobile. If clothes are stacked too high and have a tendency to fall out of the cupboard, simply sort them into smaller piles that will stay neat for longer.
The great thing about organising a kid’s room is that it doesn’t need to cost the earth. If you have the budget to commission custom-built closets, then that’s great! If you, on the other hand, feel the economic pinch like the rest of us, breathe easy and put your creative hat on. The following ideas will provide you with nifty storage options while giving you (and your kid) the opportunity to get your hands dirty.
• Wrap unused shoe boxes in pretty paper to provide space for smaller belongings like stationary and small toys

• Hang mesh planters for decorative items that need to be reached easily

• Sand and stain wooden vegetable/fruit boxes for rustic storage containers for toys and clothing. As your child grows older, new coasts of paint or varnish will update this particular storage system to suit their developing tastes.

Choosing the best storage system for your child’s room comes down to your personal preferences. If you aren’t keen on spending your valuable Saturday mornings schlepping from store to store comparing prices, consider using online price comparison websites – these handy portholes will give you the information you need in a jiffy. And whether you end up choosing wire shelving or toy storage bins, just remember that nothing is too expensive for your peace of mind.

source by Johara


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