Cheap decorating tips: The easy way!

By Michelle Pennington

Scared of the budget which is going to burn your pocket while decorating your beautiful house?  Don’t worry. There are some easy, cheap decorating tips and guidelines which will not bite your pocket.

Everyone loves to have a house which looks attractive.  Some of them would want to redecorate their house entirely to make it look new or you have moved in to a new house which requires decoration.  

The first and foremost thought that has to be born in mind is the appearance or the style you want your house to have.  There are different sources to look out for idea regarding decorating. There are different magazines available in the market with information, on how to decorate your house with cheap decorating tips.  Another good source of information is of course the internet. There are bountiful numbers of websites which can help you with the ideas.  We can decide with the budget once you chart out what is required for the interior, the color, the design or the quality.

Before shopping for the necessities like furniture, paint, lamps, curtains, picture frames, candle holders or any type of artwork, it is always better to note down how many pieces are required and the places they have to be placed. Making these prior decisions really curtails your expenses.  To purchase the best products within the budget, you can always get some reviews online, which are very helpful.  We also get good quality long-lasting paints at a low cost. Painting your wall is the easiest and cost effective decorating technique. 
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Traditional Balinese Color Philosophy: The Mother Earth’s Color Decoration (Part 2)

‘Pepulasan’: Color Decoration Techniques in Balinese Interior and Architecture

The importance of color for the Balinese, causing every religious activity and social community associated with color as a philosophy message. In the context of coloring for interior and architecture decoration, in the Balinese Traditional Architecture there are techniques decoration applied to the building called ‘pepulasan’ techniques.
Color decoration in Balinese architecture generally reveal the natural color, color derived from the materials origin color. To form ‘lelengisan’ (decoration without engraving) and ‘pepalihan’ (decorations which basic shape of Balinese ornament). The beauty of natural colors is a protrusion of the beauty of material origin color, texture and character. The grace and color harmony of natural stone types or wood type which is carved. Just as Ornaments of metal inlay on gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, supported also by metal origin color. Continue reading