Small Apartment Decorating

Part 1 : First Step

When we have a small apartment there are a lot of things that we have to think trough earlier. Decorating that type of place is not as easy as a big apartment or a house where we can put everything in there and don’t even see changes. We have to be suer before each buy that it is the exact thing that we need and…that we have place to put it anywhere.

Each apartment has it’s own storage space and elements that can be put there without hurting family living space. That’s why it is better to measure everything at first place than just grab whatever comes into our mind in the shop. Usually the only thing to do in such situation is that we try to hide it in free space that has left. Probably we wouldn’t like what we saw.

And home decorating is not only having all colors matched – it is also making the interior look more “soft”, not as a regular rectangular or square, make it comfortable, give impression of bigger space than it really is. It’s making the space we living in the space we would like to live in. That’s why it is important to make it wise and ask questions people who know something in this matter. Especially when the space is not as big as we wish it would be.

In small apartments we should think about maximizing the living space. Of course we should also remember about what function the room will have during the day and the night. In example if our living room is also our bedroom we can’t decide on removing all of the furniture just to have the bed at our disposal. It would be easier to place furniture when we would have each furniture separated.

If we have too much items and don’t want to show all of them we can build small paper wall or a screen in japanese style that would be fancy, elegant and could hide all our stuff. Of course, we can do the opposite thing and create an open space – destroy wall that is between our room and kitchen and make a space that would look visually bigger.

Part 2 : Choosing Color

In the first part of this article we have written something about importance of home decorating with open mind, good measurements and some elements that could make the room and apartment bigger visually. One of these tricks is to use the right color. Which one we should choose in the small apartment?

At first we would say – use bright colors in everything that you can. That’s probably the first that would come into our minds cause we all know that lighter color is the bigger something seems (every lady knows that and if she has to much pounds here and there she usually chooses darker colors in her clothes and accessories). But making it all light would destroy our harmony.

The solution in this situation is to use the same color in one room but in different tones. In example the wall with windows can be brighter and the one that is opposite darker what would make a great match. The basic rule when making a composition like that is to make a good dividing direction. If we use vertical stripes we would have a room that would higher.

When we choose colors and decorations we should remember to match the ornament with the surface measurements. That’s why hanging a big painting on a wall in small room may make the room look smaller and heavy. That is why it is better sometimes to hand fewer smaller paintings in different colors but with the same motives than just one in dark.

Using big flower motives in whole apartment won’t look good. Visually it will also make it look really small as the paintings wouldn’t be made for it and naturally didn’t match it. Something similar would go with the curtains that in small windows in small apartment would take all the light away. Instead it is better to install window shades and have a delicate hangings.

These are only small tips but makes a better vision and view what we should looking for when arranging small apartment.

By Alister


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