African Inspiration To Your Home Interior

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by Roy Primm

An African  Room or accent  can help anyone can add spice and life to their home or apartment.  More people are starting to recognize the value of this adventurous decor.  Whether you choose accent pieces liven up what you already have or centerpieces that can dominate a room, there’s something to meet every taste and budget.

You can choose a wooden sculpture, hand-made in Kenya, a colorful hand sewn basket weaved in Ghana or pottery handmade in South Africa.  There’s nothing like a accent piece made, fashioned and polished by hand to set off any piece of furniture, an empty wall or a bare corner of any room in your home. Continue reading


Artistic Taste for Asian Furniture

by Eugene Yeng Aik Ngin

With the feng shui movement now deeply engrained in the Western culture, amateur and professional decorators are turning to Asian-inspired décor to complement their new found respect for all things eastern.

This passion for the Far East goes beyond throwing a few silk pillows onto a bed or putting a bamboo wall hanging in the dining area; it extends into furniture, too. And it’s no wonder – traditionally Asian designs mix contemporary simplicity with a millennia-old love of the organic. The resulting designs are functional, but also warm and luxurious.

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Free Interior Design Game For You: Have Fun!


Do you love decorating rooms, homes, gardens, and virtual world and doll houses? Do you dream yourself as an interior designer? You can fulfill your dreams by playing interior design games. Continue reading