The Indian Vedic’s Fengshui :Vastu; Vastu Experts Tips And Ideas For Home Interior Design


vastu mandal: vastu's diagram for better living

by interioguru

The Vedic ages were full of scientific explorations in the ancient India. This place was the epicenter of many scientific discoveries. In addition to this, Vastu can be mentioned as the most glorious invention. It can be named as the scientific art of better living.

The term Vastu signifies the living space for the gods and human beings. In this modern age, this scientifically nourished art of Vastu has been recognized as the essential criteria for constructing living spaces that includes houses, business premises, and temples for the deities etc. Nowadays Vastu experts are great demand for advising the positive aspects of lands being purchased for constructing homes or business premises. Though, the Vastu applications are wide-spread in different dimensions but, we will take look at the most practical and useful tips for our homes: Continue reading


DECORATING THE VENUE; Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas & Advice


Decorations can help to turn a somewhat typical function room into a breath-taking vision that dreams are made of. Whilst decorations certainly need to be sympathetic to their surroundings, if executed well, they can be used to add sparkle and fizz to even the most ornate and palatial venues.

Decorations are available in a complete range of shapes and sizes, and different combinations can help to create a range of various effects. Swags of tulle, clouds of white balloons and twinkling white fairy lights can give a dreamy ambience, whilst the same fairy lights used alongside candles and floral arrangements will help to provide a sophisticated timeless look. In short, whatever theme you are looking to create, a cleverly decorated venue is essential in helping you achieve it. Continue reading