Tips for Buying Balinese Woodcarving

by Sidarta Wijaya


Balinese culture has been wellkown as one of unique culture in the world. The unique and strong characteristic makes the Balinese culture are fits to choose as interior themes. Lots of philosophy attached on Balinese cultural product, but  if you use in good respect, that will enrich your home interior theme. One of the cultural product in balinese is woodcarving. Balinese woodcarving artist is one of the best wood carving artists in the world because of the original pattern design, works and finishings. Wood carving for the balinese are part of aesthetic needs, the Balinese place woodcarving as a offering to god or some one who very respected in the community. In old days woodcarving only use in respected areas such as temples and palace. Maybe in this article you will thinking about using balinese woodcarvings to enrich your home interior. Wood carving in balinese formed in statues, handcrafts, masks, furniture etc.

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Toy Storage Bins & Other Tips For Organising Children’s Rooms


Toy storage bins, wire racks, purpose-built closets, shelving systems – the options are endless when it comes to installing a storage system in your child’s bedroom. But how do you decide which option is best for your family?

We live in an age of accumulation and children seem to be the most diligent pack-rats of them all. Not surprisingly, as children’s lives these days revolve around a series of gift-giving occasions. If it’s not Christmas or a birthday, it’s party time or allowance day. Suffice it to say; there is a LOT of kid’s stuff around ALL THE TIME. It is, however, important for parents to remember that most, if not all, children aren’t born tidy and that a sense of order is something they have to be taught. Continue reading